Rent Annually

Do you not have space to currently grow a garden? Do you want to grow in a community? We have you covered!

Bed Rentals:

Location: 479 S. Towerview Dr. Columbia City, IN 46725

Hours: Sunrise-Sunset

Cost: $75 rental fee for entire growing season (Mother’s Day to Halloween)

Bed Size: 8′ x 30″

A hose for watering will be provided for use.

Free 6 pack of organic garden starts every year with rental: 3 tomato plants, 1 pepper plant, 1 cucumber plant, & 1 zucchini plant.

Beds will be prepared with dirt, compost & mulch and will be ready to plant.

Farm Information:

Giving Gardens utilizes ecologic farming practices, ensuring healthy farming and healthy food. Ecological farming resembles organic farming, but goes a step further by taking into account the entire ecosystem, protecting the soil, water and climate.


-Disturb the soil as little as possible.
-Keep the soil covered (minimum mulch) as much as possible.
-Keep the soil planted as much as possible.
-No till, no spray (this includes organic sprays), we do use row cover/netting when needed.
-Work scaled to the human body, No machinery in fields.
-Farming without borders – taking care of the land extending beyond garden beds, leaving it better than when we started (biodiversity, rotation, covers crops, etc.).

Rules for plot rental:

  1. Renter cannot supplement anything into the soil or onto the foliage of the plants, (example: mulch, organic fertilizer, weed killer, etc.)
  2. Renter must trellis any plants that require trellising (example: tomato cage, cucumber netting, etc.) Plants cannot spread into the walking aisles surrounding their plot.
  3. Beds must be kept free of weeds.
  4. Renter must bring their own tools (pruners, harvesting basket, gloves, etc.)
  5. Renter must keep vegetables harvested on a regular basis.
  6. Renter must only plant annuals in their plot unless speaking with farm manager.
  7. Renter must only harvest vegetables from their own plot.
  8. Renter agrees to remove all plants and debris from their plot and place the debris into the garden compost at the end of the growing season.
  9. Renter must sign liability waiver and make rental payment at the beginning of the growing season to secure bed rental. Liability form and payment options will be emailed to you after registration.

“Gardens and flowers have a way of bringing people together, drawing them from their homes.” -Clare Ansberry